Slovakia ring-apartment-parking-Dunajska Streda - Offer and Prices

Unexpected disposition of motorsport heaven

What does the Slovakia Ring offer? There's much to do. To the wide range of service belong motor vehicle rental to the public and groups, private driving by visitors in their own vehicles, automobile, motorcycles and karts races, auto-motor events, schooling and training of drivers, testing drives, racetrack rental, lease of sporting vehicles and training and conference premises, catering service, organizing of corporate events, restaurant.

For companies...
The Slovakia Ring has really much to offer. Organize a conference in unconventional style! Duties first, fun at the track then. And don’t forget – comfortable accommodation is provided by the apartment house Nika! What all has the Slovakia Ring to offer to companies? Offer for companies is as follows:

  • track rental
  • lease of sporting vehicles
  • lease of training and conference premises
  • catering
  • organizing of corporate events

For general public...
The Slovakia Ring offers you a wide range of service. The most attractive:

  • racetrack
  • shear school
  • off-road circuit (to be operated from 2011)
  • kart circuit (to be operated from 2011)
  • petrol station
  • service
  • parking lot
  • restaurant

Track rental prices for general public
If you want to try limits of your own automobile or motorcycle, take advantage of the free rides for general public. Rides take place in March, April and September from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. and from May to August from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Price list:

  • car 25 minutes: 30 €
  • motorcycle full day: 135 €
  • motorcycle half day: 85 €
  • motorcycle 25 minutes: 20 €