What is Slovakia Ring?

Slovakia Ring – a sterling racing circuit only 8 km far from the apartment house Nika!

Yes, it’s really true! At last, there is the first professional racetrack in Slovakia. And we offer you comfortable accommodation for reasonable price which is not far away from it.

The racetrack is located in the Orechová Potôň village, where can unleash the lively horses under your hood, try the limits of your vehicle, lease the racetrack or attend the Shear School. The top-notch training facility for motorists has much to offer.

You can be also present as spectator at the races. Racing teams and agencies are already conducting breathtaking events of outstanding quality. Don’t miss the next one!

Address: č. 281, 930 02 Orechová Potôň
GPS: N 48.018407, E 17.534684


Speed live...

Slovakia Ring is the first and the only facility of its kind in the Slovak Republic territory. Technical parameters count the track among the longest ring roads in Europe. The author of the project is an experienced Austrian architect Hans Roth who has participated in similar projects in Austria and Hungary as well. The track is 5922 m long and 12 m wide and the main straight is 20 m wide. Driving is possible in 6 configurations in both directions and thus there are 12 driving alternatives available. The track can be used all day long, unless there is a lack of daylight.

The Slovakia Ring is located in the Trnava Region, Dunajská Streda municipality. It is only 8 km distant from the Apartment House Nika, which is a 10-minute car ride. Its distance from Bratislava is only 36 km. Its location in the south of Slovakia is crucial because this is the location with so-called precipitation shadow. There is a minimum annual precipitation and it is protected against the flow of humid air. These parameters enable maximum use of the track throughout the year.

What can you experience on the track?


International, national and other free competitions of automobiles, motorbikes or go-karts are a big attraction. Racing agencies, agencies which organise events and various sport clubs can also rent the track.


One can certainly never become a good driver just in a driving school. A professional motor track enables you to gain sufficient experience even in critical situations. The SLOVAKIA RING hosts courses and training of drivers, test drives or training and resolving of critical situations from the road traffic. The Safe Driving centre complies with all the requirements for the professional training of drivers.


Manufacturers and importers can test their cars and motorbikes here. They can also organize presentation days for professionals and consumer public.


Is driving at 50km/h in villages and towns a real torture for you? Let it all hang out and drive at full speed at our track. Slovakia Ring also offers various cars to be rented by the public and groups and also driving for the public in their own cars.


Would you like to organise a prestigious event? You are more than invited to get accommodation in our facility and to organise programme for event or conference participants in Slovakia Ring. Find more information about track rental and further offers in the section CORPORATE EVENTS.

Technical parameters of track

  • Distance from Dunajská Streda: 8 km
  • Distance from Bratislava: 36 km
  • Length of track: 5,922 m
  • With of track: 12 m
  • Length of main straight: 900 m
  • Width of main straight: 20 m
  • Length of acceleration test track: 1,144 m
  • Width of acceleration test track: 20 m
  • Track configurations: configuration 1 - length 3,737 m, configuration 2 – 3,034 m, configuration 3 – 2,632 m, configuration 4 – 5,922 m, configuration 5 – 3,197 m, configuration 6 – 3,223 m
  • Turns and straights: 6 laevorotatory 5 right turns, one chicane and 7 straights
  • Cants and climbs: 4 cants with 2% climb
  • Expected maximum speed: 300 km/h
  • Track capacity: A maximum amount of 43 cars can be on the track during race and 52 during training, 48 motorbikes during race and 57 during training and free rides.

Unexpected opportunities of motor paradise

What is Slovakia Ring offering you? The offer is rich. Countless activities which can be done on the track include for example car rental for the public and groups, driving for the public in their own cars, competitions for cars, motorbikes, go-karts, automobile events, courses and training of drivers, test driving, track rental, rental of training and conference rooms, catering services, organising corporate events, restaurant etc.

If you are a company...

Slovakia Ring has an attractive offer for you. You are more than welcome to organise your conference in an unusual way. Work first, fun on the track second. And in the meantime the Apartment House Nika will provide comfortable accommodation for you!
Our offer for companies includes the following:

  • track rental
  • training and conference room rental
  • catering services
  • company event organisation

If you are an individual...

Slovakia Ring offers various types of activities for both individuals and groups of general public.
The most attractive activities include the following:

  • speed track
  • skid school
  • off-road track (since 2011)
  • karting track (since 2011)
  • petrol station
  • service
  • car park
  • restaurant
  • Malkia Park

The prices of track rental for general public

If you wish to drive your own car or motorbike, you can make use of free driving for the public. Current dates for free driving are available in the section CALENDAR.

The prices are as follows:

  • driving own car for 30 minutes: 30 €,
  • driving own motorbike for 30 minutes: 20 €.

Latest events

18.03.2017 BIKE ATTACK 100
25.03.2017 - 26.03.2017 FIA CEZ OMV MaxxMotion Rallycross
01.04.2017 Czech Drift Series
13.04.2017 BIKE ATTACK 13.4.2017
01.05.2017 POWER FEST 2017
01.05.2017 FIM Europe Cup vintage regularity 2017
17.05.2017 BIKE ATTACK 17.5.2017
15.06.2017 BIKE ATTACK 15.6.2017
24.06.2017 FIM EWC - MS cestných motocyklov
28.06.2017 - 29.06.2017 24h SLOVAKIA RING Cycling Race
15.07.2017 - 16.07.2017 FIA ETRC + TRUCK SHOW
20.07.2017 BIKE ATTACK 20.7.2017
21.07.2017 - 22.07.2017 KTM X-BOW Battle
11.08.2017 - 13.08.2017 Histo Cup
18.08.2017 - 20.08.2017 OMV MaxxMotion Veľká cena SR
24.08.2017 BIKE ATTACK 24.8.2017
21.10.2017 - 22.10.2017 FIA CEZ OMV MaxxMotion Rallycross
10.11.2017 - 11.11.2017 Auto Show SLOVAKIA RING