More about the racetrack Slovakiaring Dunajska Streda

Experience the speed...

Slovakia Ring is the first and only project of its kind in the Slovak Republic. Thanks to its technical parameters, the Slovakia Ring ranks among Europe’s longest road circuits. The author of this project is Hans Roth, a well-experienced Austrian architect who has already designed other similar projects in Austria and Hungary. The racetrack is 5,922 m long, 12 m wide and the straightaway is 20 m wide. It offers 6 driving variants in both directions, which altogether represents 12 alternatives of driving. It is available throughout the day, during daylight hours.

The Slovakia Ring is situated in Trnava Region, Dunajská Streda District. It’s 8 km far from the apartment house Nika, what takes approximately 10 minutes by car. The distance from Bratislava is only 36 km. The location in the south of Slovakia is strategic because of the local rain shadow. It's an area with annual rain minimum, protected by the environment from moist air streaming. These parameters ensure maximum use of the racing circuit throughout the year.

What can you experience?

Among the biggest attractions count the international, national and free automobile, motorcycle and kart races. The property can be leased to racing agencies, event agencies and sport clubs.

You don't become an excellent driver by only attending driving lessons. We will teach you how to handle crisis situations. We also offer driver trainings, testing drives and training to handle crisis situations in road traffic.

Manufacturers and importers can test automobiles and motorcycles. It’s also possible to organize presentation days for professionals and tech-savvy consumers.

Is the speed limit of 50 kmph a real suffering to you? Forget it and unleash the beast under your hood. Moreover, the Slovakia Ring offers motor vehicle rental to the public and groups and private driving by visitors in their own vehicles.

Do you want to arrange a prestigious event? Or a conference in unconventional style? Book accommodation in the apartment house Nika and arrange an interesting programme at the Slovakia Ring. More about the track rental and its use in the section Offer and Prices.

Technical parameters of the racetrack

Distance from Dunajská Streda: 8 km
Distance from Bratislava: 36 km
Length of racetrack: 5922 m
Width of racetrack: 12 m
Length of race home straight: 900 m
Width of race home straight: 20 m
Length of acceleration testing track: 1144 m
Width of acceleration testing track: 20 m
Track variants:
variant No.1 - length 3737 m, variant No.2 – 3034 m, variant No.3 - 2632 m, variant No.4 – 5922 m, variant No.5 – 3197 m, variant No.6 – 3223 m
Curves and straights: 6 left-hand and 5 right-hand curves, one gradient and 7 straights
Superelevation and gradient: four 2% rises
Hypothetic maximum speed: 300 km/h
Capacity of the racetrack: motorcycles – by training 70 motorcycles, by racing 50 motorcycles, automobiles – by racing 46 vehicles, by training and free rides + 25% more
Monitoring and time measuring: the racetrack is monitored by 32 cameras (world parameters); chronometers with three intervals Other parameters: 33 boxes, 10 km of service roads, 2 ha of paddock